Hey friends! My name is Blake and I'm a longtime Goblin Enthusiast and Dungeon Maker. I've compiled a newsletter of things I found this week in the internet realm of DnD that I enjoyed and was hoping to share with you all.

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What They Don't Tell You About Griffons

If you've never seen a MrRhexx video before, they're a fun look at monsters, lore and other subjects in the realm of DnD.

by MrRhexx Video 28m46s
How to Tell Time in a D&D World Part 1: Calendars

Super cool guide on making your own calendar for your DnD campaign, and a little bit of history on our IRL calendars.

by Richard Compton DMtools
Very Slick DnD Chest Christmas Present

Kriomortis has a super cool roommate who made a super cool chest for Critmas!

An Eclectic Collection of Fun and Effective Builds

A massive thread on Giant in the Playground of cool and fun builds by OP and the community.

by LudicSavant GitP
Dungeon Masters Robe with Hidden Pockets

Gallery of a custom made robe with compartments for dice and an ominous hood.


Christmas Present Carving

Cool stylized ampersand carving present by benhobby!

Dice Rats

Adorable little rats with dice. Definitely good candidates for familiars.

Mimic Dice Tower

Mimic dicetower made by taintedcaliber. SUPER COOL.

Tentaclaus by BellshawS

Seasonal and fun but holy moly I hope I never encounter an intellect devourer that big.

Goblin Paladin by SZ_Draws

It would be an understatement to say I love Goblins. This art of a paladin of Kelemvor by SZ_Draws on twitter definitely earned a follow from me.

Eros by SubtleError

War cleric Eros and her cursed sword by SubtleError.