Hey friends! My name is Blake and I'm a longtime Dice Roller and TPK-Causer. I've compiled a newsletter of things I found this week in the internet realm of DnD that I enjoyed and was hoping to share with you all.

Darkvision Isn't As Good As You Think

This blog post explains a rule that after playing DnD5e since it's inception I had no idea about.

Level 5

TallFroGuy has a couple characters who are very excited to hit a power spike.

The Hand of Vecna

Check out the first comment to read how reddit user ScaryisGood made this disgusting hand that I want.

2021 D&D 5e Product Speculation

A Giant in the Playground thread discussing what content we might be seeing in 2021. Lots of people with a lot more information than me.

Running a Chase Scene in DnD 5e

Video by Green DM on some ideas to make a chase scene more dynamic.

by Green DM Video 18m15s


Empress Freya Eldridsdottir

This lady has sick arms and I'm super into the art style.

Rizukana4 Full Party Comission

DnD commission done by Rizukana4. CHECK OUT THE FULL SIZE IMAGE. It's Amazing.

Ranger and Druid Dynamic Duo

I always wonder how adventurers keep their hair perfectly quaffed at all times.

Nagrar the Dragonborn

I think pixel art is super cool, and a very accessible medium for players to make their characters. This art by Slenhort on twitter is dope.

Half Elf Wizard

This art style reminds me of Zelda Wind Waker. I'm super into it. Definitely following this artist.

Prayer, the Kenku Grave Cleric

I like Kenku. They have cool racial quirks and probably can eat TONS of seeds.