Hey friends! My name is Blake and I'm a longtime Friend of Goblins and Accidental Finder of Hidden Traps. I've compiled a newsletter of things I found this week in the internet realm of DnD that I enjoyed and was hoping to share with you all.

DM Builds Mock Tavern For Players

PineappleSlush26 has a pretty awesome DM. The most I do is allow people to play my game.

Navigating Cities and Overland Travel

Sly Flourish has a great article about using a map system for cities and overland travel.

Critting but Rolling Minimum Damage

One Shot Questers illustrates to us what the title says. Crits and little numbers make no one happy.

by One Shot Questers Video 36s
DnD Beyond's Guide to Session Zero

Session Zero is easily the most important session and I'm glad with Tasha's they finally put it in the books.

Dice Made With Real Sand

BClavers made these beautiful dice out of real sand and algae apparently. Very cool.


Shiny Looking Dragonborn by NotDax

This dragonborn reminds me of Varrus Vakarian from Mass Effect, but you know, before he got his face all ripped up.

by @NotDax
Shield of Rethos

Check out the reddit thread to hear GerdBerguukion's description of his very cool shield.

Calliope the Tiefling Bard

SamSantala undertook a commission for a tiefling bard and made this awesome piece.

Fighter by Max Dunbar

Classic looking lady fighter in black and white.

Goblin With an Axe

POV. Die.

Dragonborn Character Art

I just love Dragonborn. And Iromonik does an awesome job of making a armored up scaleboy I want to play.