Hey friends! My name is Blake and I'm a longtime Secret Metagamer and Guy Who Gets Too Into Character. I've compiled a newsletter of things I found this week in the internet realm of DnD that I enjoyed and was hoping to share with you all.

Magnet Traps for D&D

Master the Dungeon describes in a quick video how a rolling magnet of death can beat the tar out of your party.

by Master the Dungeon Video 3m11s
Player's Notes From a 3 Year Campaign

Reddit user TheMugglemage shows off the notes taken by one of his players. Absolutely nuts. My GM notes look like bathroom grafitti.

Running a D&D Prison Rescue

Did a character end up in jail? Here's how to run an exciting prison rescue mission with the use of a flashback system!

by The Alpine DM DM Tool
How to Create a Compelling D&D Villain

RJD20 gives us Part 1 in a series on writing a villain for DnD. I'm sure it's useful for any fiction, but this is a DnD newsletter.

by Richard Compton DM Tool
You Are Not A Fake Game Master

Tabletop Theory talks about 'imposter syndrome', and how it affects new and experienced Dungeon Masters.

by Tabletop Theory Video 27m6s


Very Cool Ink-Style Goblin Art

Oh weird, posting green skinned boys in the art section?

Orc Cook

I don't know when I started saving every orc and goblin piece of art I found, but I cannot stop.

Dragonborn Rook by third_cookie

I strongly suggest looking at the full size version of this piece. It is phenomenal.

Slick Looking Half-Orc Eldritch Knight

A Half-Orc Eldritch Knight sketch to start the day

Captain Durin Frostbeard

Powerful looking Captain of the Guard in spacepupperbois' campaign.

Spooky by SpookyPumpkin8

Check out the actual tweet for an alternate costume of this adorable little scamp.