Hey friends! My name is Blake and I'm a longtime Half-Orc Player and Crit Roller. I've compiled a newsletter of things I found this week in the internet realm of DnD that I enjoyed and was hoping to share with you all.

Bourbon Barrel Dice Box and Trackers

The aesthetic of the bourbon barrel boxes with the sleek metal dice. Oh man, this is the good stuff.

Astral Plane 5e: A Quick and Dirty Guide

If you're short on time, learn the bare-bone details about the Astral Plane in 5e with this quick and dirty guide.

by The Alpine DM 5e DM Tools
A Guide to D&D Side Quests

Let your players take in your world with a break from the main quest. Have them immerse themselves in everything your world has to offer with chances to explore and meet new NPCs.

by Master the Dungeon Video 8m11s DM Tools 5e
How to Homebrew Warlocks

Abio from Triden Games breaks down Warlocks this time, not really from a fiction perspective but rather a mechanical one.

by tridengames DM Tools 5e
Adventures Await Studios

A huge collection of free modules written by Adventures Await Studios.

by Adventures Await Studios 5e DM Tools


Harland the Paladin and Drumstick

Noble paladin Harland stands aside his regal mount Drumstick in this awesome art by bainite14.

Ikea, the Red Death.

I can't help but associate the name Ikea with the furniture store, but this is amazing art regardless.

Elves At Different Ages

Duck_Burger shares elves at different ages to show some personality.

Literally The Coolest Kenku I've Ever Seen

This is phenomenal. I want him to be the bad guy in the next campaign I play.

Lin, Aasimar Fighter

Beefy lady, big sword, sick tats, my heart.