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Dark Alliance IGN Trailer

A new Dark Alliance game? Admittedly I think it looks like it's missing some of the soul of the original, but it looks REALLY fun.

by IGN Video 1m17s
How to Homebrew Barbarians

Abio breaks down how to homebrew a barbarian subclass in his most recent guide.

by tridengames 5e Homebrew
Illusion Traps for D&D

Using illusions in traps is not a new concept, but there can be more to these traps than meets the eye.

by Master the Dungeon Video 6m46s
Run Easy Battles

I'm a big fan of running quick and easy battles in my games, especially after a level up or a new magic item. Sometimes your players want Dark Souls, but sometimes they want Diablo.

by Sly Flourish DM Tools
Creating a Villainous Zealot in 3 Steps

Zealots are a great villain when done right. Deeper than a big monster and effective as a BBEG and plot point.

by The Alpine DM DM Tools


Tiefling Warrior

Gorgeous art of a pale tiefling with a big hammer.

Dwarf Character Illustration

This dwarf is pierced up. Is there a better way to show off the quality of your goldsmithing?


I wonder if he had to have the hat custom sized to fit between his horns.

Morthos, the Haunted Wizard

I beg you to look at the full version. This could easily be the cover of a DnD sourcebook. Beautiful.

Dragonborn Sorcerer

Cool staff, cool hand, cool tail.

The Necromancer

Jdirenzo has that classic comic book style. If this was a comic book cover I would absolutely pick up an issue.