Hey friends! We have some good content this week including a free battlemap, some good info on The City of Brass and a couple of other DM tools to get your creative juices flowing!

Safety Tools

Safety tools provide simple rules to make sure everyone's comfortable and having a good time during our D&D games.

100 Interesting Tavernkeepers

Although I don't think any one DM needs one hundred different taverns, here's a list of just that. Roll a die, pick one you like, or just read for your enjoyment.

What They Don't Tell You About The City of Brass

As someone who has recently adopted plane hopping in almost all my games, Mr Rhexx has been an awesome source of info.

by MrRhexx Video 31m47s
How to Homebrew Paladins

Paladins are potentially the strongest class in DnD5e, and our good friend Abio breaks down what they got going for them!

Mountain Path Giant Skeleton 30x50 Battle Map

What has the same skeletal composition as a giant but is much larger? I'm not sure but here's an opportunity to fight around it's remains.


The Vessel; Ancestral Spirits Barbarian

I'm getting Magitech Iron Giant vibes and I'm into it.

Human Swamp Scout

Very cool stylized 'swamp scout'. Probably proficient in stealth and survival.


I don't know what it is about well drawn hands but it immediately pulls me into an image.

Del'Tora Quest, Way of the Astral Self Samurai

I don't know what Way of the Astral Self Samurai is, but this art reminds me of the anime Shaman King. Very cool.


Very cool, and very evil looking minotaur art.

Hosori Warrior

The Hosori are wanderers blessed with boons from the old gods they once worshipped. The once nonmagic people have resistance to heat, partially use photosynthesis and have a sixth sense for otherworldly beings.