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We're doing a jumbo edition of Dungeon Gazette this week. Lots of Homebrew! Lots of DM Tools! Lots of art!

We're also looking to start a podcasts section of the newsletter, so if you have any suggestions of D&D podcasts you enjoy shoot them over to contact@dungeongazette.com and I'll make sure to give them a listen!

Karen Monster

Meme monsters are amazing. They're fun to throw in as a road encounter and try your best to run them with a straight face and in character. So here's Karen, she'd like to speak with your manager. Or party face.

What They Don't Tell You About The Azers

MrRhexx lets us know about the hot-headed firey dwarves of the plane of fire in his latest video!

by MrRhexx Video 14m36s
Dragon Talk: Jimmy Wong, How To DM on Game Prep

The latest installment of the Podcast Dragon Talk delves into a broad but always interesting topic: How To Dm!

Running D&D Combat with an Abstract Battle Map

You've tried grids, you've stretched your brain dealing with theatre of the mind. Why not try out an 'abstract' battle map?

How to Homebrew Monks

Abio brings us the lowdown on the bare-fisted melee masters of martial madness.

Break the Rules with Magic Items

RJD20 gives us a look at some of his homebrew magic items and a peek at his philosophy on magic items in his world.

Using Active Listening With Your Players As A Gamemaster

Active listening is a term that gets thrown around a lot by people in marketing and counseling but what is it, and how can you use it at your table?

by Tabletop Theory Video 19m49s
100 Interesting Dungeon Doors

Our favourite source for lists of 100 anything gives us what the people have been asking for:

How to Make a Warlock Patron for D&D

Patrons and Warlocks are tied together in 5th edition, but patrons themselves are generally a mysterious part of the game. While the rules do paint in the general brush strokes of what patrons are and how they provide warlocks with power, they leave a lot of gaps for you to fill in yourself.

by Master the Dungeon Video 13m7s
Unlinked Pegasus

Easily the prettiest dice sets I've ever seen, handmade by mooshmooshs.



Well, as someone who gets very excited about big swords and big armor this art is just phenomenal.


To be honest, I think this art is too clean for dirty stinkin' dirt dwarves. But I would absolutely pick up a quest from this NPC in a side-scrolling indie game.


Check out the original Reddit post to read this characters backstory. He's kind of like scary Alphonse Elric.

Edna Bronzehammer, Dwarf Hexblade

Very slick looking art of a Dwarven Warlock.

Kore, Tiefling Fey Wanderer Ranger

I don't know what a tiefling fey is, but I'm into horns and bows.

Young Owlfolk Artificer

I don't know why I'm so obsessed with bird and goblin characters but holy moly if that's the content you're looking for you're gonna get it here.

Valentina Von Tesse, Tiefling Monster Slayer

Since tieflings are not actual demons and simply come from a bloodline, I love what atomicspaghet did with a mostly-human-passing pink skinned hornless tiefling.


Eyepatch? Broken horn? She's got battle scars dude.