Hey friends!

This issue of Dungeon Gazette we have a cool battlemap that may remind you of some real life events that happened recently, some cool dice, an unexpected infusion of music and a cool supplement from one of the blogs I often share!
Enjoy and have a good week.

Villain Backgrounds Volume I

One of my favourite DnD blog authors Richard Compton has let out a pay-what-you-want supplement for better defining your villains in your DnD campaign. Definitely worth checking out.

by Richard Compton DM Tools 5e
lofi beats to commune to

Master the Dungeon is easily one of my favourite channels on YouTube. Their DnD content is varied, to the point and well made. And then out of nowhere lo-fi music themed and animated for druids.

by Master the Dungeon Video 1h00m24s
Running Session Zeros

This is probably the best rundown of Session Zero's I've read but even better, Mike from SlyFlourish gives examples of his one page introduction PDF's for his campaigns and they are awesome.

Medusa's Dice

I tracked down the shop that made the cool dice set I shared in the last newsletter and was delighted to see a big selection of dice for sale. Definitely grabbing these as my next set instead of the regular Chessex.

HMS Ever Given

Make your heist mission go terribly wrong when the target gets stuck in a canal disturbing Faerun's trade economy for almost a week! Perhaps the barbarian can unstick the ship? Or maybe the wizards has some magic up his sleeve?


Viktor Bruck, Hexblade Warlock

Electromagnus2 returns with another very cool commission. Very dark-fantasy sellsword vibes.

Potion of Hill Giant Strength

I saw the toe stopper and now you have to too.

The Barracudas

Cool cartoony party-art by !Sam_T_John. I definitely have a couple questions about the fun guy on the middle left.

Droop the Goblin

Oh yeah. This is the content I'm looking for.

Araleth Letheranil, Prince of Stars

Very very cool Elven deity art by @leonardo_cino.

Alieae, the Warlock Patron

Sygdom draws up a warlock patron from their campaign. Very f(r)iendly looking chap.


Dragon Talk: Jamie Flecknoe, Lore You Should Know on Barovia

The most recent episode of Dragon Talk goes over lore you should know on everyone's spooky demi-plane/country: Barovia!