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Awesome issue of The Dungeon Gazette for you this week!

We have a handful of cool youtube videos for you, a fun trick/cursed item and an amazing mini paint job.
Also, in the past I haven't given enough love to all the DnD themed webcomics out there, so this week we're doing a special edition comic section!

Plot Hooks For Your RPG Sessions and Campaigns

Homebrewing your RPG campaign is fun but how do you start it? I wanted to share some of my favorite plot hooks with the help of terms like in medias res and ab ovo. If you understand those terms you can start your campaign with a bang or a shipwreck!

by Tabletop Theory Video 25m38s
Cube of The Rube

BJHypes gives us a silly cursed item to throw in a mad wizards stash.

Painted Plague Doctor by Rocket Pig Games

CharlottePaintingUK shows off her phenomenal paint job on this plague doctor. If I could paint models this well I probably wouldn't have so many unpainted Space Marines in my closet.

What They Don't Tell You About The Elemental Plane of Water

So this is a video about the Elemental Plane of Water, and it covers 'canonically' what that is, but I'd just like to mention that when I DM the elemental plane of water it's a giant resort/waterpark that plane-jumpers go to for vacation.

by MrRhexx Video 27m32s
Exploding Statue Traps for D&D

I'm a big fan of statues coming to life, and the idea of having one just blow up in your players faces is just the PERFECT brand of DM evil.

by Master the Dungeon Video 3m51s

Limited Edition Release Comic Section

First Edition
Deductions & Dragons

A hilarious comic about taxes and DnD. The part that gets me is the, "I love puzzles!" at the end.

Necromancy: For A Lasting Family Bond

Ask any hardcore DnD player and they'll get stuffy if you suggest a non-evil lich, but here's a cute comic of the possibilities.

Fantasy Living

A comic once again about finances! Maybe a recurring theme for artists?

Fancy marketing terms can get you in trouble.

When I started DMing 5e I definitely had quite a few boss fights ruined by the action economy. (That's when I learned to give every boss fight legendary actions)

“Second Opinion”

ORKZ shows how hilariously useless doctors would be in a magical fantasy setting.


Glory, Tiefling Paladin

This just screams Dragon Age to me, and I think it's great and cool and good.


Royorian has always had a larger than life personality with a stature to match. He is proud, protective, go with the flow, and positive. What he lacks in war room tact, he makes up for in tenacity and leadership.

Rain the Tabaxi Ranger

It's wild to me that I've never DM'd a tabaxi. Their abilities are cool, their lore can be cool and people love cats.

Warforged Swarmkeeper

Gibbs_xx does an incredible job with a very unique commission. If I put this buzzy boy in my campaign he would definitely be a comic-book-style supervillain.


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