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This issue of The Dungeon Gazette is very art-oriented. We got a funny webcomic about spellbooks, a jurassic park reference, some DM tools, and as always community art!

13 Tips to Speed Up D&D Combat

Sly Flourish breaks down some tips for speeding up fifth edition combat.

by Sly Flourish 5e DM Tools
The Effects of Age on Loot in D&D

When your players sack an ancient temple or clear a crumbling dungeon they expect to find some loot. But an often overlooked feature of these older dungeons is spoilage and decay.

by Master the Dungeon Video 10m25s 5e DM Tools
Alternate Spelling

Inky Rickshaw shows us the dangers of alphabetizing your spellbook.

by Inky Rickshaw Comic
Tarrasquic Park Logo

A riff on the Jurassic Park logo to make it a little more fantasy.

5 Things Every DM Needs to Remember - The Alpine DM

There's a lot happening as a Dungeon Master, but even aside from spells and abilities there are a lot of things you need to remember!

by The Alpine DM DM Tools


The Flaming Rose of Thunderkeep

Anime warrior lady swinging big fire sword. Fwoosh.

Asher, Blood Hunter

Very cool looking character concept. I suggest looking at the full size image because the newsletter crop version is a little janky,

Koviell, the Kobold Rogue

This guy could take on a hobbit or two for sure.


If you told me there was an attractive hobgoblin I'd roll insight.

Vapore Floating City

I strongly suggest you check out the full-size version of this one. Very detailed and inspiring.


Dragon Talk: Rufus Hound, Lore You Should Know on Hazlan

Greg and Shelly open as always with D&D news including all the information you need on Van Richten’s Guide To Ravenloft. Afterwards we are joined by senior D&D game designer Wes Schneider for another edition of Lore You Should Know. This week in Wes’ series on the Domains of Dread, we talk Hazlan.