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This week we've got some gameplay for the new Dark Alliance game, a brand new official D&D Studio Blog's first post, and some wise words from wise Dungeon Masters.

We've also set up a Twitter account @DungeonGazette in case anyone wants to tweet us or get in contact!

20 Minutes of D&D Dark Alliance Gameplay

For those of you interested in the next big Dungeons and Dragons based video game, IGN has an extended gameplay trailer. Be careful though, the screen shake is somewhat nauseating.

by IGN Video 24m17s
The Dials of Monster Difficulty

Sly Flourish gives us an insight on how to adjust combat encounters in DnD 5E.

What They Don't Tell You About Demogorgon, Prince of Demons

Forget the weird representation that Stranger Things gave our friend Demogorgon, get the facts from Mr Rhexx.

by MrRhexx Video 26m38s
Dungeons and Dragons Studio Blog

Dungeons and Dragons has started a Studio Blog and this is the first installment.
"The intent of this space is to give a visible and central voice to the people driving the development of the D&D Game. You can expect official, high-level, and somewhat frequent posts to live here."

The Importance Of Trust At Your RPG Table

Building trust at your gaming table is important and leads to strengthening your community of players. Trust at the gaming table builds an environment of positivity, honesty and creativity.

by Tabletop Theory Video 23m27s


Creek the Valiant, Kobold Hexblade Warlock

Dude needs a new sword, but besides that he looks like a trustworthy companion.

Aarakocra Ranger, Antares

Aarakocra are just cool. Kenku are cool too, but the wings you know?

Satyr Necromancer

This intimidating looking goat lady could raise me from the grave that's for sure.

Petralin and Beowuff

Personally I'd put my weapon next to me and not on my hip while I'm sleeping, but I've always never had a weapon on my hip so what do I know?

Simon Sehyz

"simon sehyz, enchantment wizard extraordinaire"
This name made me audibly snort so I'm including this art in the newsletter.

Ram Shifter Nature Cleric: Kit

A classy looking ram adventurer.


Critical Role C2E134 The Streets of the Forgotten

We're going to start posting the popular podcasts related to Dungeons and Dragons and where better to start than Critical Roll. :)

Dragon Talk: Gail Simone & Fenway Jones, Lore You Should Know on Har’Akir

Greg and Shelly kick things off with your D&D news, including everything you need to know about Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft. Afterwards we are joined by senior D&D game designer Wes Schneider for another edition of Lore You Should Know.