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We've got some DM tools for you, a homebrew race guide, a couple of webcomics and the newest issue of Dragon+. Also check out the first episode of "Table Talk Theory" by Tabletop Theory, as well as the newest Critical Role.

What You See Vs What The NPCs See

As someone who regularly has 4+ weapons on a character this is something I think about all the time.

by medli20 /r/DnD Comic
A Guide to Creating New Half-Races in D&D 5e

Why are there only two half races, and why is one half always human? Follow this guide to create new half races in D&D 5e!

by The Alpine DM 5e DM Tools
Chase and Lure Traps for D&D

The overall mechanic is very simple, but luring players into danger can often be overlooked.

by Master the Dungeon Video 5m25s
Three of Five Keys: A Quest Design Pattern

Make your players race against opposing forces to get a majority of quest items with this creative idea by Sly Flourish.

The Weekly Roll Ch. 79 -

If you can't tell from the title, this is a John wick reference.

by CME_T /r/DnD Comic
Dragon+ Issue 37

The latest issue of Dragon+ is available now! Meet Ravenloft’s terrifying new travel companion—bagman! Plus, how to support Jasper's Game Week, and the must-read Candlekeep books created for our Community Poll.


Moon Druid and her Wolf Companion

Super cool Moon Druid. I recently started playing a 3.5 character with an animal companion and I gotta say it's pretty cool playing two characters.

Stevesketches gives us a badass looking human warrior.


Another incredible art piece about an adventurer and their animal companion.

Sunflower the Goblin

Probably very friendly until it grows up and starts attacking villagers!

The Metal Dragon, Archon

If I met this character in game I'd follow them home and steal their armor while they slept.

Bowstring the Kenku Paladin

I got a soft spot for Kenku, and I hope he doesn't shoot an arrow in it.


Table Talk Theory Ep.1 - Peter Jung

In episode 1 we talk with Peter Jung, a social skills DM and a community mental health worker. He is currently developing several RPG games including "The Caravan Endures" and "Speaking with Monsters".

by Tabletop Theory Video 1h1m26s
Hell or High Water | Campaign 2, Episode 136

New episode of Critical Role!

by Critical Role Video 3h37m30s