Hey Friends!

We're back after a week off due to some IRL business. I've got a whack load of DM tools and some cool art, as well as the newest Critical Role and Dragon Talk!

How to Make Better D&D Taverns

Taverns and inns are a classic part of the D&D experience. But how do you make taverns that your players will enjoy and return to?

by Master the Dungeon Video 24m35s
How to Easily Design a One-Shot for D&D 5e

The Alpine DM gives us an easy 3 step process for putting together a one-shot adventure for DnD 5e

What They Don't Tell You About The Elemental Plane of Air

MrRhexx goes into detail about one of the only planes I've never personally used in my adventures.

by MrRhexx Video 22m21s
Helping RPG players stay interested at the table

Sometimes RPG players lose focus or can't stay engaged at the gaming table. In this video I want to help my fellow game masters by describing the ways I keep players attention at my table.

by Tabletop Theory Video 26m32s DM Tools
Stay in the Fiction

A good reminder about how to run your game, and some suggestions to put it into practice.

by Sly Flourish DM Tools


Bugbear Mini

A very creative redditor improvised a bugbear miniature.

Belle Duefant

ArtguyKai gives us a very cool piece of art depicting his campaigns BBEG.

Hideyoshi Guard

@briganaur gives us a very neat faction guard for a commissioned piece.

Sesto the Kobold Drakewarden Ranger

Very colourful piece by third_cookie of an adventurous kobold.

Owlfolk Way of the Ascendant Dragon Monk

Monks are underrated in 5E, you can just say you're doing a handstand and it's considered roleplaying.

Kobold Piggyback

Are we kobold heavy this issue? Yes. Is it a problem? No.