Hey Friends!

This week we have a couple of youtube videos featuring DM tools, a... player tool? and checking out a DnD youtubers setup. We also have a neat article by Forbes about how many people were engaged in DnD in 2020. And as always, community art. :)

Situations and the Five Room Dungeon

Two DM tool powerhouses get together to record a video about (you guessed it) DM tools.

by Sly Flourish Video 26m13s
Always Go For Stats

A very funny comic about looting in RPGs. Maybe less relevant for DnD, but fun anyways.

Forbes | 2020 Was The Best Year Ever For Dungeons & Dragons

Massive web searches, a free program during the pandemic and the most pre-ordered book in the history of the game made last year the best year ever for Dungeons & Dragons.

Quick Overview of Druid Tracker

What the heck is this thing. It is incredible. I want one.

by Scott Ismail Video 1m20s
My D&D Setup

XP to Level 3 is one of my favourite DnD skit artists on youtube, so it was pretty cool to see what he's rocking for his DnD setup.

by XP to Level 3 Video 7m17s


When Your DM Asks

I nearly snorted out my water when I saw this. Punching someones brain out the back of their head is the funnies thing I've seen today.

Keelhaul Undertow

A warforged barbarian of the Sea.

Fairy Rune Knight

That is definitely the Moonlight Greatsword. Which is exactly what I would expect a fairy to wield.

Warforged Wild Magic Barbarian

This definitely looks like Destiny fanart, but that's kind of what warforged are.


Cool comic-book style art of our favourite drow, Jarlaxle.

Olalee Moondrinker, Firbolg Ranger

Such a friendly face! Would definitely be more intimidating in person, with you know, the massive height difference.